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Wholesale Buyer's Guide
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
  Is there a minimum order quantity and dollar amount?
We have a $200 Opening Order and Gift Market Order minimum. We have a $100 reorder minimum. We also have quantity minimums that are specific to the items. They are clearly marked on the website.

Do you have a catalog?
All gifts are available through the website. We can email a .pdf file in catalog format if you would like to print it for your store. Only the website will reflect current gifts, prices, and quantities.

Do you have zip code protection?

How do you ship gifts?

What do I use to personalize the gifts?
One personalization pen is provided with your Opening Order. You may purchase additional pens. The pen allows for mistakes...the ink can ALWAYS be removed with rubbing alcohol. The pen is not meant to be used on any food safe gifts. Vinyl lettering is an option for all gifts and specifically for food safe gifts. We offer pre-made vinyl embellishments found in CREATE IT!.

Do you ship the gifts personalized?
Our gifts are designed to allow you, the retailer, the ability to personalize the gifts for your customer while they shop.

I can't write like that. Can you help me?
We provide font sheets with all Opening Orders. We suggest you begin to practice on a flat ornament, keeping in mind rubbing alcohol will remove the ink. Practice makes perfect!

Should I personalize samples for my customer to see?
YES...YES...YES! Guaranteed to increase your sales! Remember the ink can be removed with rubbing alcohol, should you need to sell the sample.

How will I keep myself and my staff up to date on personalization and gift creation ideas?
Get Social! Join us on Facebook and/or Instagram! We do all of the work for you...just copy the look in the pictures.

How will I know how to personalize the gifts and build gifts like you show at Market?
Join us on Facebook and/or Instagram! You are so busy, so use Facebook and/or Instagram to help you and your staff get kick started with personalization and creating gifts! It is all here.

How do I attach the Embellishments and Ornaments to the Platters and Frames?
Embellishments are supplied with the "soft" side velcro or sticky tack. If using the embellishment on the Oval Platter or Frames, you will need to purchase the "nubby" side adhesive back velcro.
If using the Ornaments as embellishments, you will need to purchase adhesive back velcro and place it on the ornaments and platter/frame.

How do I attach the Embellishments to the Memo Board, Rectangular Platter, and Vase?
The are supplied with velcro and can be used with the Velcro Embellishments. Ornaments can not be used on the the Memo Boards as the Memo Boards have ribbon and the Ornaments have ribbon...too much ribbon. Ornaments can be used on the Rectangular Platter and Vase, simply by adding adhesive back velcro to the back of the ornament.

What can I use the Flower Embellishments and Smiling Face Embellishments on?
They are perfect for the Platters and Picture Frames. Because the flowers and faces attach with re-positional sticky tack, they are great for the growing family.

Is the sticky tack included with the embellishment pieces?
Yes. It is in a small package, so be careful not to throw it away with packaging material. Simply remove the sticky tack from the wrapper and pull it like taffy, then press the sticky tack to the embellishment and the piece it is to be attached to.

Where can I find sticky tack and adhesive back velcro?
Sticky tack is available at all Office Supply stores. Adhesive back velcro is available at Fabric Stores and Home Improvement Stores.

Do the ribbons come with the ornaments?
Yes. Style may vary.

How can I display or present an ornament as a gift?
Many of our ornaments are great to sell the year around, not just for Christmas! We offer ornament hangers for display or consider tying them around a bottle of wine for a wine tag.