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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
  Do you ship the gifts personalized?
Each gift will have the Option to be personalized for Free.

What do you use to personalize the gifts?
We use a pen on gifts that will be used for decoration and will not be exposed to moisture. Vinyl lettering is used on various gifts and specifically Food Safe gifts.

Can I personalize my own gifts?
Yes, if you would like to personalize your gifts, we sell the Personalization Pen.

How do I attach the Embellishments to the Platter and Frames?
Embellishments attach with velcro or sticky tack.

What can I use the Flower Embellishments and Smiling Face Embellishments on?
They are perfect for the Platters and Picture Frames. Because the flowers and faces attach with re-positional sticky tack, they are great for the growing family.

Is the sticky tack included with the embellishment pieces?
Yes. It is in a small package, so be careful not to throw it away with packaging material. Simply remove the sticky tack from the wrapper and pull it like taffy, then press the sticky
tack to the embellishment and the piece it is to be attached to. You can buy sticky tack at any Office Supply Store.

Do the ribbons come with the ornaments?
Yes. Styles may vary.

How can I display or present an ornament?
Many of our ornaments are great year around decorations, not just for Christmas! We offer ornament hangers for display or consider tying them around a bottle of wine for a wine tag.